Welcome to OpenERP Australia

OpenERP is a leading edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system based on open source technologies with a worldwide presence.

Netprro is an Australian company having huge expertise in OpenERP solutions. There may be thousands of business applications and you may need one single solution. You can use OpenERP and you would get flexibility for all the applications. We offer Openerp Accounting Australia solutions to small and large sized businesses.

OpenERP assimilates departments and functions onto one single computer system. With the help of Openerp Customisation solutions, all the departments get integrated together and are able to share the information and communicate with each other.

Our main aim is to help your business succeed with ethical, original and considered solutions. We understand the clients’ requirements and offer the best OpenERP customization services at affordable rates.

If you’re looking for OpenERP and CRM Solutions, you have come to the right place. We are known for offering turnkey solutions to your enterprise resource planning. It includes OpenERP customization, Openerp Development, Openerp implementations, Openerp Management, Openerp Project Management, Openerp Accounting and much more.

OpenERP is an Open Source with high flexibility, superior design and extensibility. With extensive knowledge of 1000+ modules contributed by high-end engineers and developers communities, our clients are assured that, their business needs would be satisfied by either customization of OpenERP or by straight use of the available modules.

We have a team of expert professionals working with us who provide the best OpenERP solutions as per the clients’ requirements and budget. Our OpenERP project managers, engineers and developers remain updated with the latest technologies and module/application updates, thereby, ensuring that, our clients get the high quality services and products. Our Functional and Technical teams perform thorough analysis of the existing systems and manual/semi-automated processes and then, propose a highly optimized solution satisfying our clients’ requirements. We also provide functional training on the systems implemented by us.

At Netprro, we take pride in providing excellent OpenERP customization and integration services to various industries including, but not limited to: gas distribution, electrical and hardware distribution, hospitals, hotels, government organizations, manufacturing, construction and many more.

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