Odoo ERP

In this competitive market and globalisation, OpenERP SAAS Kit enables you to rapidly setup and implement your company’s OpenERP site by providing you a well-tested and proven site management system with PayPal integration. You also get a framework for building membership-based applications, including account signups/upgrades/downgrades, tiered pricing levels, multi-tenant data security in a single database.

Odoo ERP and SAAS Model

  • Works with OpenERP 7.0
  • Sub-domain support with individual customers getting their own sub-domains or domains
  • Support for a Demo site with a direct lead creation in OpenERP CRM
  • Sub-domains URLS with only 1 Database listing thus, isolating users from seeing other
  • databases
  • Removal of Database creation URL so that no one can create a new database
  • Supported gateways: PayPal
  • A separate URL is provided for the administrator to create databases
  • Automated trial versions which expires in 15 days
  • Self-serve account creation
  • Ability for users to reset their own passwords (Forgot your password?)
  • Support for SSL with a digital certificate
  • System wise databases monitoring ability
  • Control the number of database users
  • Automated generation of invoices and emailing based on